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How to import a GEDCOM — 7 Comments

  1. I am redoing my whole page from scratch and for the life of me I cannot get my GEDCOM to import. When I try from my computer I get a message: Cannot open file. Your GEDCOM file may be larger than the maximum size allowed by your PHP installation. You can ask your provider to increase the ‘upload_max_filesize’ value, or you can copy your file to the ‘gedcom’ folder on your site and import it from there instead.

    I used FileZilla to copy my GEDCOM into my gedcom folder in my TNG folders. However when I select the OR from web site I get a massive list of choices of items for Select File. If I try to Open Folder: Gedcom (with the name I called it) It does nothing.


    • Kourtney: the tng.one-name.net website is reserved for participating members of the Guild of One-Name Studies. I cannot find you as registered with the Guild, although I may be mistaken on this. So, I am not able to assist you.

  2. Hello.

    Am I missing something?

    I receieved the ‘[ONS Analytics] Your username and password info’ email and have managed to get to a blank site http://glasper.one-name.net/

    I have changed the password, but now, the actual site refused to accept my login.

    As for actually uploading a GEDCOM….. there is no visible facility to do that. yet.
    Presumably I have to manage to login – and that doesn’t seem to be going to happen anytime soon.

    Any thoughts? or am I being obtuse?

    Regards – David Probett 4737

    • David; I did check your login when it was set up and it worked then. Tried today and not so good. As you say, you changed the password to something else, which I would not know, so, I reset your password and tested again.

      When you log in, the default TNG site does not appear to change. There is one telltale upon successful login: the menu item changes from Login to Logout. Also, you will see the Administration menu item appear.

      Regards the use of GEDCOM, refer to the wiki for articles. Although importing a GEDCOM is not added yet, the other articles should be a good guide. Also mentioned is a series of videos, including one on GEDCOM importing. Also review the articles from the “In the Beginning” section of the wiki in regards to handling passwords and trees.

  3. I am so sorry, I am sure it is me being thick but I have read this through twice but cannot see how to find my own new TNG website to put my own Gedcom file into. I have seen that I need to Login to my TNG site and put in my temporary password.

    Could you tell me where to find the login. I can see that the example is via http://www.tng.benedict.ca so I typed http://www.tng.thorndike.ca but it was not recognised.

    I am feeling stupid and frustrated as I really want to get this going. I have been researching since 1975 and obviously used everything from original records to modern day computer search. As a result I have lots of indexes in Word and Excel as well as Ancestry.com (where I have downloaded my Gedcom file). I had assumed I would be able to put my Word and Excel indexes on a website for other people to view but I understand this is not the case. When it is later transferred to the Guild’s MWP site will it be possible then?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Did anyone ever respond to you? Technically, I am on your level, so I may not be correct. Based on Benedict’s web address, I don’t think he’s in the US. Assuming you are, and the name you set up for your TNG website is Thorndike, try http://www.thorndike.com. Or, if thorndike is not the name you set your page with, put that name in.

      Hope this helps.

      • Patricia Palmer has a TNG site, yes, but it is at: http://thorndyke.one-name.net. Pat has been successful at the GEDCOM upload, as her site now has close to 7,000 individuals and 2,600 families. However, the site’s homepage still needs a bit of landscaping work. And yes, I am in Calgary, Alberta. Denise: thanks for helping. -J.B.

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