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  1. I have made progress. I can upload photos and bc hanged the template photos. I can resize on my home computer. However they are then refitted to the template and not necessarily to the same size.

    I have read help notes. I sort of get that TNG type 3 comes pretty much fixed.

    For me the homepage photos are too big. Something about 150x 150 would suit better. I have changed a couple to a similar size but not all; it’s a varying mixture.

    From the help pages I have right clicked on the photo or its space, which produces a page full of html (which is a bit out of my league).

    I have even managed to find photo size, and change them, and seen that my photo changes to the new dimensions. But the changes don’t save.

    I beginning to realise that this is the constraints applied by Type 3.

    The dimensions do change, but not necessarily uniformally or as I would wish which is about 200 x200 for the main image and 150 x 150 for the rest.

    I also notice that the sidebar sections have the photos to the side of the text (or more correctly text to the side of the photos). I would prefer this layout on all sections but I presume this would be outside scope.

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