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TNG: Adding and deleting trees — 4 Comments

  1. I read in your Tree ID explanation that the ID given to a tree should be all lower case letters. However in the illustration the tree ID is Acheson with an upper case “A”. So, which is it? Or does it not really matter?

    • I should have clarified. Per the online help notes on adding trees, TNG says, “This information [the Tree ID] will not appear anywhere except in the address line of your browser, so it can be all lowercase.” So, yes, you can use upper and lowercase letters, but Tree ID will appear in only one place, your browser address line. Normally, people use lowercase letters in the browser address line, hence my comment, but it won’t matter. Your choice. I have fixed the article now, so appreciate the comment.

      • Thanks Jim. Just needed to know. Sometimes I use upper case for clarity such as in email addresses that are more than one word. Makes it easier for these aging eyes to read even though at the end of the day the case ends up being all lower anyway.

        BTW, I’m finding your articles to be very helpful as I “get the big picture” before jumping into TNG with both feet.

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