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TNG: How importing a GEDCOM is different from uploading — 3 Comments

  1. Great software ..
    My brother uses Family Tree Maker, and has added a few hundred names plus more census data etc. Assuming the records are unique (but connected to my existing TNG records), how can I stitch these into my TNG site w/o corrupting any of the existing records ?? Would I append the gedcom ?

  2. An easier alternative tool to the FTP process is “Web Disk” which in CPanel is located in the “Files” section and is available for Windows and Mac users. ‘Web Disk is a cPanel implementation of the WebDav protocol. Web Disk allows you to manage, upload, and download your website’s files as though they were local to your personal computer.” In short, once you download and install Web Disk on your local computer, you will be able to access your TNG files using the typical Explorer (Windows) folder options including drag & drop your Gedcom file from your desktop to the Gedcom folder on your TNG site – from there you would import it into your TNG site as you have explained. What’s more, using Web Disk you can access all the files and folders of your TNG site enabling you to manipulate, edit, delete, etc. as you would the files on your home computer when you use file Explorer (Windows) [sorry, I have no Mac experience so I do not know the terminology in using a Mac].

    • Thanks for the tip, Del. I am managing 23 TNG users on FamilyGenes.ca and another 72 on tng-one-name.net (for the Guild of One-Name Studies). These users do not have access to cPanel so they need to revert to the built-in tools of TNG. For others with familiarity with stand-alone TNG, these tips are useful.
      Jim Benedict

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