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    • There are two places where media files are stored in TNG: the actual physical media files, which are stored in subdirectories in the one-name.net site; and then there are the display of media, controlled by your TNG Media section. This is confusing, but TNG does have two separate areas for media: the physical JPG, PNG and PDF files, and then there is the index, or list of the files. It is easy to manage the list of media files, but requires special tools to delete the physical files. Fortunately, if you just manage the list of files, TNG is happy and you can ignore the unused, discarded physical media files. They will not show up.
      To handle the deletion of media files in TNG, log in, go to Admin >> Media >> Search. Set collection to either All, or the collection you want. Scroll down to find the media to be deleted. If you are deleting a few images, try this. There are three icons to the left: Edit, Delete and Test. Click on the Delete icon. If you have many media to delete, try this. Click the Select box for each media to delete. Then, go back to the top and click the Delete Selected button.

      The media physical files are still stored in your TNG site. So, if you need to restore access to the images, you can go to Media >> Add New. Instead of using “File to upload”, use the “File name on site” instead. Enter in the rest of the information as you wish, and click on Save.

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