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TNG: How to set up trees — 3 Comments

  1. I have just commenced. I am looking for clarification between Families, Trees, and Branches.

    I am intending to present a number of individual families with the same surname. Some may eventually connect but most won’t.

    • Start with the articles mentioned in http://wiki.one-name.net/index.php/TNG_Tutorial_Articles_and_Videos in the box: Trees and Branches. In short, I would suggest creating one or more branches and placing the related families there. You could label the branches as “Branch 1”, “Branch 2”, etc., or “New York City family”, or “Austen family of Belgium”, as examples. Whenever you make a connection, you can merge branches together, or merge a branch into a tree.

      • Thanks Jim

        So this will mean I don’t need to have a tree at all.

        But can I upload a gedcom for each branch, ie one at a time?

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