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TNG v.11: Fan Charts — 3 Comments

  1. Just getting familiar with TNG. Thanks for the article, Jim. I’ve used fan charts before with other genealogy software, but they were in black & white. The color scheme here really makes a difference.

    I too have first-cousin grandparents. First-cousin marriages are not all that uncommon in my ancestry, a consequence of sometimes arranged marriages and oftentimes families living in the same village.

  2. I _love_ the fan chart Darrin. It’s a fabulous way to visualise the family tree and it’s particularly suited to wide screen displays.

    Any chance we could configure the colours through a Setup > Charts setting please? The bright green is a bit hard on my eyes for a start.

    My wife’s Dad’s brother married my wife’s Mum’s sister. Goodness knows what would have happened if any of those cousins had inter-married!

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