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TNG video ‘hangout’ for January 21st — 5 Comments

  1. I have a custom event for “Find a grave” where I record the unique 6-7 digit code they allocate to a grave.

    I have tested embedding this as a hyperlink in my Detail field :-


    which works nicely but has two drawbacks :-

    1. It is a bit long winded to get entered (I cut and paste the previous constructed link and then overwrite the number)
    2. It risks being invalidated by the target site changing URL (domain OR parameters)

    What do others do? Is there scope for TNG supporting a “hyperlink” type field for this and others (Facebook is another where I record a unique key) so that we can define once the link required and not have to enter HTML repeatedly into our detail fields


    • Go to the wiki page of TNG Tutorial Articles and Videos for ideas. Yes, your pictures, or image media, can be imported into TNG, your .jpg and .png files. Your PDF files are usually not images, normally they are documents. Images are usually saved in the Photos collection and documents usually go into the Document collection. The articles will guide you.

      Images do not automatically link to the correct person. Again, the articles will show you how to do the linkage.

      An article is needed for handling the Guild logo on the homepage. In the meantime, go ahead with your images and then we can tackle the logo.

  2. I would like to limit the amount of information available to all & sundry. Short of flagging everyone as “private” or forcing a logon for every user, I cannot find an elegant solution.

  3. I love TNG with one exception… I would like to see the source/citation function updated and expanded significantly.

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