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Analytics of One-Name Studies

The Analytics of One-Name Studies is a portal into the study of surnames; their frequency, families, statistics, migration patterns and more.  Using the data repository from the MWP (see below), and applying data mining and analysis, we can reveal relations and trends of ancestors of a singular root surname.  Members of the Guild (see below) have a passion for collecting and preserving records and trees of their ancestors.  Using this website, they can also have a further insight into the trends and relationships of those with a common family name.

Among the forms of hosted websites for the MWP project is one using “The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding”, or TNG for short.  Each TNG website contains a Statistics link where summary site data and graphs, such as number of individuals, their gender, the number of families, number of records, etc., can be found.

Because TNG operates upon SQL databases, it is possible to analyze this data across all TNG websites hosted by the MWP.  Here, one can search for data across all TNG websites within the MWP pertaining to one particular surname, or all surnames, found within all of these one-name studies.  The kinds of data and graphs to be made available will include:

  • summary statistics
  • common given names and surnames
  • life expectancy
  • age at marriage
  • family size
  • locations


To aid our users in making best use of their websites, we have included an extensive set of tutorials, covering a variety of subjects, including: Getting Started, the Home Page, Media, Users and Access and a lot more.

Visit the Tutorials.

The  Members’ Websites Project (MWP) is a master website for hosting many of the Guild members’ surname studies. Among the forms of hosted websites is a subset using The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). Because TNG operates upon SQL databases, it is possible to analyze this data across all TNG websites hosted by the MWP.  The Analytics website only looks at data from those studies utilizing TNG.

The MWP hosts three categories of websites.  The first category, called “Type 1”, is for websites that are HTML coding with no backend database.  The second category, sometimes called “Type 2”, is for websites that use a front-end user-friendly tool, such as WordPress.  Most of the Type 2 sites also include a TNG site.  The third category, sometimes called “Type 3”, is for websites using TNG only and all having one master backend database.  The second and third categories are referred in the tutorials as “standalone TNG” and “concurrent TNG” sites, respectfully.  The tutorial articles are intended for these latter two categories.  Where the tutorial information is different for standalone versus co-host, it will be so identified.

For more information on the MWP, visit the Guild website at:

The  Guild of One-Name Studies (the “Guild”) is the worldwide centre of excellence in one-name studies and promotes the interests of both the individuals and groups who are engaged in them.  Established in 1979 and registered as a charity in 1989, the Guild provides its members with the means to share, exchange and publish information about one-name studies as well as encouraging and assisting all those interested in one-name studies by means of conferences, seminars, project and other activities.

Visit the Guild website at: Guild of One-Name Studies.