Surname Cloud will display any matches to your surname of interest.

  • Type any surname into the "Find surname:" search box. As you type, a list of possible surname matches will show
  • The surname will be looked up across the Members' Websites Project TNG websites (Type 3 only at this time)
  • You can search on any surname; including any that are not yet registered with the project
  • The lookup will ignore a TNG site registered for that surname, because that would be redundant
  • The results, if any, will be displayed as a "word cloud" of potential surnames
  • Below the word cloud is a bar graph, "Occurences of Surname:", with similar information
  • Hover over any Surname Cloud name to see the count of possible matches | ? |
  • Click on any Surname Cloud name, or a bar in the graph, to go to a TNG website | INFO |
  • The TNG website will show the search results on that particular surname of interest
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